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330.030 Disruption

Bd. Min. 6-30-68, p. 33,943.

  1. Right of Free Expression -- The University of Missouri will at all times defend the right of free expression of opinion, including the right of peaceful assembly. The University will, indeed, guard this right in behalf of all persons associated with the institution and will not tolerate actions by any individual or group that would seek to restrict the appropriate freedoms of any other individual or group.
  2. Unauthorized Occupation -- The University will not allow any unauthorized occupation of University facilities, nor will it permit interference with its normal and regular activities.
    1. Discussion of issues within the University will in no circumstances be conducted under any form of duress.
    2. Attempts at unacceptable building occupation or interference with University business will be dealt with in a manner necessary immediately to relieve the situation.
    3. Any faculty, students or employees engaged in such activities, will face immediate suspension, and may suffer ultimate dismissal.

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