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Chapter 110: Use of Facilities and Equipment

110.030 Keys to Doors and Buildings

Bd. Min. 5-26-72, p. 36,394; Revised 10-1-98.

  1. Staff and Student Access to Locked Buildings -- It is the policy of the University that other than during normal working hours, all buildings shall be locked in order to maintain the security of both the buildings and their contents. Staff members and students may be issued keys to University buildings upon the recommendation of the department chairman or administrative head and approval of the official in charge of the building, or his designee, in accordance with established procedures.
    1. Keys are issued for entry to University buildings for the purpose of conducting official business only.
    2. An authorized individual entering or leaving a locked building shall not permit any individual to enter who would not normally be permitted to enter the building during the hours it is locked. An authorized individual may have guests with them so long as the guests stay in the proximity of faculty or staff member having the assigned key and the authorized individual assumes full responsibility for their presence.
    3. An individual entering or leaving a locked building shall be responsible for securing the door and may be held responsible for any loss or damage to University property resulting from his failure to do so.
  2. Special Assignment -- Special assignment of keys, where required (such as to contractors, etc.) may be authorized by the Campus Business Officer (Director of Physical Plant for University-Wide).
  3. Conditions for Returning Keys -- All keys issued remain the property of the University and shall be returned under the following conditions:
    1. For Staff Members
      1. Upon transfer to another department or building.
      2. Upon termination of employment.
      3. Upon the request of the department chairman or administrative head.
      4. Upon being granted a leave of absence without pay for a period of 30 or more calendar days; however, staff members granted such leaves may retain their key if they are authorized to have access to the building and/or office during the leave.
    2. For Students
      1. At the end of the academic semester or period after which the keys will not be used for at least 30 calendar days.
      2. Upon the request of the department chairman or administrative head.
    3. It is the responsibility of the appropriate department chairman or administrative head and official in charge of the building or his designee, to insure that all keys are returned under these provisions.
  4. Transfers -- Individuals transferring to another department or building may be issued new keys upon the recommendation of the new department chairman or administrative head and approval as defined in Section 110.030 A, above.
    1. In no case is a key to be transferred from one individual to another or to be obtained from any source other than from the University.
      1. When any transfer or duplication of a key is made or used without University consent, the key shall be taken up and the individual(s) involved reported to the administrative head, dean or superior officer for appropriate action.
  5. Campus Regulations and Procedures -- Each campus shall be responsible for the establishment and implementation of regulations and procedures necessary for the assignment and control of keys to University buildings.
    1. All such regulations and procedures are subject to the review and approval by the Office of Assistant Vice President for Management Services.

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