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10.061 Public Records

Bd. Min. 9-11-87; Bd.Min. 7-13-00; Revised 9-24-10.

  1. The University shall comply with Chapter 610, RSMo, the Sunshine Law, as now existing or hereafter amended. 
  2. The President shall appoint a custodian of records for the University.  The identity and location of the custodian of records shall be available to the public upon request. 
  3. The custodian of records shall be responsible for responding to requests for records of the University in a time and manner consistent with the requirements of the Sunshine Law.  The custodian of records may charge fees for providing access to or furnishing copies of records of the University to the extent permitted by law and may waive such fees permitted by law.
  4. All records of the University shall be open to the public in a manner required by the Sunshine Law unless otherwise permitted by law.
  5. Records of the University may be closed in any circumstance permitted by law.
  6. For purposes of the rule, records of the Board and its Committees shall be deemed "records of the University."

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