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10.060 Board and Committee Meetings

Bd. Min. 5-26-78. Revised Bd. Min. 9-11-87; Bd. Min. 7-13-00.  Revised 9-24-10.
  1. The University shall comply with Chapter 610, RSMo, the Sunshine Law, as now existing or hereafter amended. 
  2. All meetings of the Board of Curators and any committee that constitutes a public governmental body subject to the meetings provisions of the Sunshine Law shall be open unless otherwise permitted by law.
  3. All such meetings may be closed in any circumstance permitted by law, in a manner consistent with the requirements of the Sunshine Law.
  4. All such meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Sunshine Law concerning notice, timing, location, procedures and other pertinent matters.

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