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20.080 Cabinet

Executive Order No. 9, 2-1-72; Amended 2-23-72; Amended 9-22-76; Executive Order No. 9 is hereby amended and the presently structured Academic Planning Council, Administrative and Fiscal Council, and University Cabinet are abolished.

  1. A University Cabinet is Hereby Established -- The Cabinet shall consist of the President, the Chancellors, the Vice Presidents, the General Counsel, and the Chairman of the Intercampus Faculty Council. The President will chair the Cabinet and the Executive Assistant to the President will serve as its secretary. The Cabinet shall meet at least monthly.
  2. Duties -- The chief duties of the cabinet shall be to advise the President on all major University policy issues, including, but not limited to:
    1. Fiscal policy and long-range financial planning;
    2. Preparation and maintenance of the budget, including priorities in operating and capital requests and allocations;
    3. Long-range academic planning;
    4. Approval and implementations of new academic programs or policies;
    5. Evaluation of existing academic and support programs;
    6. Personnel policies;
    7. Development of new supporting services or operations that affect the entire University.
  3. The above Executive Order shall remain in full force and effect until amended by the President.

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