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230.010 Tuition and Supplemental Course Fees

Bd. Min. 6-29-79; Amended Bd. Min. 12-17-82; Amended Bd. Min. 5-2-86; Amended Bd. Min. 1-27-95; Amended Bd. Min. 5-4-06; Amended Bd. Min. 12-9-16; Amended Bd. Min. 2-9-17; Amended Bd. Min. 11-19-20.

  1. Authorization and Approval
    1. The Board of Curators shall set and approve tuition and supplemental course fees charged to undergraduate, graduate, and first-professional students enrolled at each university.
    2. The amount of the tuition and supplemental course fees for each student level shall be assessed for any credit course enrollment.
    3. The University reserves the right to make changes at any time in any or all tuition and fees without advance notice.
  2. Tuition and Supplemental Fee Assessment
    1. Assessment of tuition and supplemental fees shall be based on the credit value of a course, a flat fee per semester, or an equivalent value in the case of a zero-credit course. Assessment of tuition and fees shall be made regardless of whether a student is enrolled in a course for credit or auditing a course.
    2. Residents of Missouri, as defined in Section 230.020, shall be assessed the tuition at resident rates. Students who are not residents of Missouri shall be assessed the tuition at nonresident fees.
  3. Tuition Waivers -- The Board delegates to the Chancellor of each University or his/her designate the authority to waive all or a portion of the tuition, if deemed appropriate and for sound educational purposes.
  4. Effective on the date of adoption hereof, the Board hereby revokes and repeals all previous rules and regulations adopted by the Board authorizing, establishing or limiting the amount of tuition, educational and supplemental course fees.   This action shall not be construed to revoke or repeal any schedule or listing of educational and supplemental course fees currently in effect. The Board finds such action to be necessary for the maintenance and operation of the University.

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