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320.110 Employment of Consultants

Executive Guideline No. 19, 5-14-82.

  1. Scope of Policy -- This policy shall apply to all situations which require the appointment of outside consultants to serve the needs of the University of Missouri in its missions of teaching, research and public service.
  2. Policy
    1. Prior Approval
      1. Outside Consultants -- The employment of outside consultants shall require prior approval by the University.
      2. Staff Member as a Consultant -- Prior approval from a granting agency is necessary before a University of Missouri project director can hire another University of Missouri staff member as a consultant. In such cases, evidence must be provided that the proposed consultant is not in the same department as the project director; that there is a need which cannot be fulfilled by direct salary charges to the grant; that some selection process has been employed; and that the consultant will not be paid more than the daily base salary rate.


  3. Authority to Approve -- Approval for this purpose shall vest with the Chancellor of the campus involved, or with the appropriate Vice President for units which are administered by Central Administration. The Chancellor or Vice President shall have the right to delegate this responsibility to an administrator of the campus involved.
    1. Contracts -- Consulting agreements are contracts which impose binding obligations on the University and the consultant.
      1. The terms and conditions may not be changed without mutual agreement, as set forth in a written amendment.
      2. Consulting agreements which involve grants and contracts must conform to all of the terms and conditions imposed by the grant or contract.
    2. Use of Consultants -- The use of consultants is expected to apply to those situations which are so urgent, special, or highly technical that they cannot be performed by existing staff as part of the normal University duties.
  4. Implementation -- It shall be the responsibility of the campus chancellors or other appropriate vice presidents to establish procedures for the implementation of this policy.

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