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320.100 Faculty Recruitment Conflict Guidelines

Executive Guideline No. 6, 4-15-71.

  1. Other Campuses of the University -- Before a person is considered for appointment for any campus, he should be asked if he is being considered by any other campus of the University.  
    1. If He is Under Consideration by Another Campus -- He should not be dealt with by the second campus until he has been rejected or refused in writing the offer of the first campus.
    2. If Currently Employed by Another Campus
      1. Prior to the initiation of any discussion with a staff member related to an appointment on another campus, the appropriate administrative official, department chairman or dean, should be contacted. In the event the staff member initiates an inquiry, he should be advised that it will be necessary to talk with his administrative superior before pursuing the matter further.
      2. Unless the staff member is to be appointed to a position that clearly differs in duties and responsibilities from the position now held, the salary and rank for the initial year in the new assignment shall be the same as it would have been if there had been no relocation.

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