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320.060 Probationary Period

Bd. Min. 9-7-79; Amended 7-27-84; Amended 7-26-85; Amended 9-26-97; Amended 7-23-04; Amended 7-28-20.

  1. All new regular administrative service and support employees will serve a probationary period of six months.
    1. The probationary period is designed to give the University an opportunity to determine whether the employee is suitable and qualified for the work for which the employee was hired and the decision as to the employee's suitability and qualifications is the sole responsibility of the University.
    2. An employee may be terminated at any time during the probationary period.
    3. Employees serving in a probationary period are covered by the Grievance Procedure in the processing of grievances involving only issues of prohibited discrimination or application or interpretation of the University's Human Resources policies and procedures. Termination of employment, or disciplinary action during the probationary period is not subject to the grievance procedure.
  2. If the employee's service during the probationary period is deemed unsatisfactory but it is felt that employment should continue in a probationary status rather than being terminated, the recommendation that the employee remain in a probationary status should be forwarded by the supervisor to the department or administrative head.
    1. In all such instances, the employee must be counseled regarding the extension of the probationary period prior to the completion of six months service.
    2. The employee may not remain in a probationary status for more than nine months.
    3. An employee may complete the probationary period or be terminated at any time after the initial six months upon the recommendation of the supervisor and department or administrative head.
  3. Employees who have satisfactorily completed their six-month probationary period, and who are subsequently transferred or promoted to another position must serve a qualifying period of one month in the new position.
    1. If, at any time within the qualifying period, it is determined by the University that the employee is not qualified for the position or if the employee does not wish to continue in the new position, the employee will be returned to the previously held position, if available, or a comparable one in the former department, if available, or placed on a six-month leave of absence from the former department to be considered for available positions in the department and campus as they occur. If the employee does not find employment on the campus within the 6-month period, the employee will be terminated.
  4. Employees who receive a leave of absence during the probationary period will have the probationary period extended by the length of leave of absence.

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