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340.160 Death in Family

Bd. Min. 11-19-71; Amended Bd. Min. 9-20-74; Bd. Min. 9-7-79 and Bd. Min. 11-13-81; Amended Bd. Min. 7-19-02; Amended 9-14-12; Amended 9-13-13; Amended 1-1-24.

  1. Leave Without Loss of Pay or Paid Time Off -- In the event of death of a staff member's immediate family or Sponsored Adult Dependent, an employee will be granted a maximum of three days leave during the period starting on the date of death and ending on the tenth calendar day after the funeral or memorial service. No deduction from the employee's salary or available paid time off will be made for these days of leave. If more than three days are needed or if leave is needed outside of the defined period, the employee may use, with supervisory approval, available paid time off or leave without pay for this purpose.

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