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170.030 Broadcast Facilities

Executive Order No. 18, 3-1-79; Revised February, 1987; 1-21-98; 11-21-13; 3-12-14.

  1. The President of the University, under the authority delegated by the Board of Curators, does hereby make the following order:
        The Curators of the University of Missouri as licensee of non-commercial educational radio broadcast stations KBIA-FM, Columbia, Missouri; KCUR-FM, Kansas City, Missouri; KMST-FM and KMNR-FM, Rolla, Missouri, and KWMU-FM, St. Louis, Missouri, and commercial television broadcast station, KOMU-TV, Columbia, Missouri, hereby establish the following operating procedures and practices to clearly reaffirm the University's intention to operate these broadcast facilities in full compliance with all applicable Federal, State and local regulations.

    1. In accordance with the existing statement of policy adopted by the Board, the President has the overall responsibility for the above broadcast facilities in all dealings and activities before the Federal Communications Commission, including applications, renewals, modifications and responses to Notices of Inquiry and petitions.
    2. The Chancellors are responsible for the day to day operation of each broadcast facility on their campus. This responsibility may be delegated to the Station Manager of each broadcast facility.
    3. The Curators of the University of Missouri have recognized the need to monitor compliance of licensee responsibilities. To this effect, the Vice President for Information Technology will be responsible for providing:
      1. Coordination and operational contract on a continuing basis with the Chancellors, FCC offices and the University's FCC Counsel.
      2. Assistance in processing applications, renewals, modifications, and responses to Notices of Inquiry and petitions.
      3. Maintenance of adequate files of all broadcast facilities of the University, including those in other classes of radio services.
      4. Liaison activities between each campus Chancellor, the University's General Counsel and the FCC on all license-related matters.
      5. Coordination of periodic meetings among Station Managers and Counsel on FCC matters to insure adequate discussion and review of operational procedures, programming practices and FCC requirements.


  2. The foregoing is designed to assure the University's compliance with all necessary rules and regulations which govern the operation of broadcast stations of which it is the licensee. This Statement of Policy and Operational Procedures may be amended, altered or changed at the direction of the President.

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