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110.060 Disaster Relief Program

Bd. Min. 7-16-58, pp. 13,365-366.

  1. Whereas, plans developed under Chapter 44 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri contemplate that, in the event of enemy attack, portions of the population of large urban areas will be evacuated to Boone and Phelps Counties, thus necessitating the use of the personnel and facilities of the University of Missouri to provide them with shelter, food, and medical care, and like necessity may arise as to persons injured or made homeless by other disasters, such as tornado or flood; and
  2. Whereas, the personnel and facilities of the University of Missouri may be subjected to danger or damage by enemy attack or other disasters; and
  3. Whereas, the normal administrative organization and operational plans of the University of Missouri, intended to further teaching and research, being inadequate for preparations for and operations under such emergency disaster conditions, special plans and regulations to govern preparation for and operations during such disasters are necessary.
  4. Director of Disaster Relief -- The President of the University of Missouri is hereby appointed Director of Disaster Relief for the University of Missouri, including all campuses, and he is authorized and empowered to adopt, promulgate, and from time to time amend campus disaster plans for the University campuses with reference to the operations following enemy attack or disasters which cause damage or danger to the facilities or personnel of the University or to persons whom these personnel and facilities should be used to relieve, such plans to include appropriate provisions for the devolution of the powers and duties hereby granted to the President of the University as Director of Disaster Relief in case of his inability for any reason to act as such Director of Disaster Relief; and that as such Director of Disaster Relief he is hereby given full power to determine the existence of a disaster, proclaim its existence, direct disaster relief operations, and terminate such operations, and with full power to use the facilities and personnel of the University in such manner as he shall determine proper in carrying out the full intent and purposes of this resolution.
  5. In all cases where feasible, the plan and any amendment thereto shall be filed with the Secretary of the Board of Curators and shall be subject to change or modification by the Board.

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