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210.040 Intercampus Transfer

Bd. Min. 10-12-73, p. 36,837.

  1. Any course that leads to an undergraduate degree on any campus of the University of Missouri shall be accepted in transfer toward the same degree on each campus of the University offering said degree. Grades and honor points earned in such courses shall also transfer, and shall be included in the accumulative point averages of the transferring students.
  2. Each campus shall identify in its catalogue an office on the campus which will furnish to students necessary information about degree and major requirements in force at other campuses of the University of Missouri.
  3. A student who begins his work at a campus of the University of Missouri, then enrolls in and attempts twelve or more hours at an institution outside the University of Missouri, and then returns to a campus of the University of Missouri shall be treated as any other transfer student from a campus outside the University of Missouri.
  4. There shall be a faculty transfer-review board (with faculty, student, and administrative members) established on each campus by the appropriate faculty governing body to hear student appeals for relieve from admissions decisions on transfer of credits, grades, and honor points; to recommend relief if deemed appropriate; and to assist in the evenhanded application of the philosophy underlying the above policies.

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