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210.050 Report of Grades

Exec. Bd. Min. 12-10-48, p. 14,365; Bd. Regs. Book dated 12-10-49, modified by Bd. Min. 1-63, p. 21,870, amended 9-10-93; 6-6-08; amended 12-7-12.

  1. Rule on Reporting Grades -- All professors and instructors of the University except members of the faculty of the School of Law, who shall be allowed two weeks in which to report grades other than I and F grades, which must be reported immediately), shall file with the Registrar their grades of students within three days (except Sunday) after the end of the examination period.
  2. Notification of Rule -- The Registrar shall notify all instructors in writing not later than two weeks before the end of a semester or not later than one week before the end of the summer session, that there is a rule requiring prompt report of grades and shall incorporate in the official notification to instructors a copy of said rule; he/she shall indicate the date by which grade reports are due and include a copy or link to the regulations.
  3. Procedure -- Each department chair or dean shall file prior to or along with grade reports for his/her department, an electronic copy of the department schedule indicating all courses, sections and names of instructors responsible for each course and section. The chair or dean shall retain a copy of the department instructor assignments, and shall enter on his/her copy and on the copy submitted to the Registrar, the time at which delinquent reports are submitted to the chair or dean. Delinquent reports submitted after other department reports have been filed, must be accompanied by a certification by the chair or dean of the time at which he/she received the report.
    1. It should be noted that the Registrar is authorized to accept grade reports only from the chair of the department or the dean of the division concerned in those divisions which customarily file instructors' grade reports with the dean.
  4. Delinquent Grade Reports -- Immediately after the deadline for grade reports, the Registrar shall notify the department chair, deans and payroll department of any delinquencies in grade reports and, also, of the removal of any such delinquencies.
    1. Penalty -- In the event that grades due from an instructor on the regular University staff are not reported as heretofore directed, the payroll department is directed to withhold any salary warrant due any such instructor on the first day of the month following that month in which the grades were due, such salary warrant to be withheld until such time as written notification is received from the Registrar to the effect that grades due from such instructor have been reported. Final salary payments will be made to visiting instructors only on certification to the Registrar from the department chair or dean to the effect that such instructors have complied with these regulations concerning grade reports, or have made adequate arrangements to do so. The payroll department is directed to issue the salary warrant to visiting instructors on receipt of certification from the Registrar.

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