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340.020 Leave of Absence

Revised Bd. Min. 10-9-81; Amended Bd. Min. 7-22-83; Amended 7-28-20.

  1. General Policy -- Leaves of absence are granted to members of the staff of the University for institutional purposes. Leaves of absence provide an opportunity for the reflection, research, and professional development essential in a scholarly community. The several classes of leaves of absence are described in the following sections.
    1. Upon expiration of a leave of absence, the employee shall be eligible for reinstatement to the employee's former position or to one of similar requirements and compensation.
    2. Should a position not be available at the time of return to work, the leave of absence may be extended until such time as a position for which the employee is qualified becomes available.
    3. Failure to return to work upon expiration of the leave of absence or when a position becomes available shall result in termination of the employee's services.
    4. Leave of absence shall be granted only to staff members who have a bonafide intention of returning to the University at the termination of the leave.

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