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310.030 Notice of Appointment or Resignation

Bd. Min. 3-17-72, p. 36,281; Revised Bd. Min. 6-27-80, p. 38,132; Amended Bd. Min. 9-12-80.

  1. Appointment Form -- Appointees to the academic staff shall be notified of the official appointment. The appointment form shall include the following information:
    1. Whether the appointment is regular or nonregular.
    2. Whether the appointment is nine-month or twelve-month.
    3. Whether the appointment is a term or continuous appointment. In case of a regular term appointment, the probationary period at the University of Missouri and the deadline for a tenure decision shall be stated.
    4. Whether the appointment is for a terminal period.
    5. The appointment form also shall specifically refer to and incorporate by reference these regulations, a copy of which should be enclosed with the notice of initial appointment.
  2. Notice of Termination of Appointment by the Faculty Member -- A faculty member may resign at the end of an academic year by giving notice in writing at the earliest possible opportunity, but not later than March 15. The faculty member may properly request a waiver of this requirement of notice in case of hardship or in a situation where otherwise substantial professional advancement or other opportunity would be denied.

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