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340.140 Union Business

Revised Bd. Min. 10-9-81, amended Bd. Min. 7-22-83; Amended 7-28-20; Amended 1-01-24.

  1. Eligible Employees -- A leave of absence for up to one year will be granted to a regular, full-time employee of the University who has been elected or appointed to an office of the union, or as a delegate, necessitating a leave of absence.
  2. Conditions for Granting Leave -- Such leaves of absence will be granted only when the requests are made in writing by the appropriate union officer addressed to the University's Director of Employee Relations, with a copy of the request addressed to the employee's immediate supervisor. The requests for leave of absence are to give the dates the leave of absence is to begin and end, and shall be given to the University as far in advance as possible but no later than two (2) weeks prior to the date the leave of absence is to become effective. The leaves of absence are without pay.
    1. Such leaves of absence may be renewed for an additional period when circumstances warrant renewal.
    2. No more than three employees may be on such leave of absence at the same time.
    3. An employee on leave of absence for more than 30 days will not accumulate additional seniority or university service credit, nor will they be eligible for university benefits such as paid time off, or for coverage under the Group Medical Insurance Plan. The seniority or university service credits will be frozen as of the date the leave becomes effective. On returning from a leave of absence, an employee will have credit for the same seniority and university service credits which the employee had at the beginning of the leave of absence.
    4. A person who has been on a leave of absence as provided for above will be returned to the classification the person occupied at the time leave became effective, provided the person is physically able to do the work, has the necessary seniority and there is work available.
    5. A person returning to work after a leave of absence of more than 30 days will give the University at least a week's notice of the person's wish to return or in the absence of a week's notice, the University may schedule the first day of work not later than 7 days after the notice has been received.
    6. A person who fails to report for work within 14 days after expiration of a leave of absence shall be considered as having voluntarily quit unless the person has a reason satisfactory to the University for needing additional time before returning to work. When such is the case, arrangements for an extension of the leave must be made with the University not later than the 14 day period following the expiration date of the leave, otherwise the person will be considered as having voluntarily quit.

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