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340.130 Work-Incurred Injury or Illness

Bd. Min. 4-19-69, p. 34,549; Bd. Min. 7-15-86; Bd. Min. 7-13-00; Bd. Min. 10-23-09; Amended 7-28-20; Amended 2-4-21; Amended 1-1-24.

  1. Workers' Compensation 
    1. Eligible Employees -- All academic and non-academic employees of the University, both full-time and part-time, (including student employees) are extended coverage.
    2. Conditions of Coverage -- Workers' Compensation provides for the payment of medical expenses and compensation to any employee, who receives personal injuries arising out of, and in the course of, the employee's employment or who incurs an occupational disease in the course of that employment. A death benefit is payable should the accident or disease result in death.
      1. Missouri statutes, and not the University or the University's claims administrator, determine if medical expenses and compensation are payable and, if payable, the length and amount of such benefits.
      2. A waiting period of three days is prescribed by law, whereby no benefit for lost wages is payable unless the disability lasts longer than 14 days, in which case payment for the three-day waiting period shall be allowed.
    3. Administrative Regulations 
      1. It is the responsibility of the employee's Supervisor to submit a Report of Injury within 24 hours of the injury.
        (1) The department submitting the report shall cooperate fully with the claims administrator in order to expedite the claims process.
      2. After an employee has returned to work following a work-incurred injury or illness, the department is responsible for notifying the Campus Workers' Compensation Coordinator of any subsequent absences for which the employee does not receive regular pay due to the same injury or illness.
      3. All matters regarding coverage, or the claim, should be referred to the Campus Workers' Compensation Coordinator.
  2. Absence Due to Work-Incurred Injury or Illness -- It is the policy of the University that an injured employee shall be excused from work without loss of pay or accumulated paid time off in order to obtain medical attention on the day the accident occurs and any subsequent treatment related to that injury during days the employee is working.
    1. All such absences shall be limited to the time required to obtain the necessary medical attention.
    2. An employee may be required to furnish satisfactory proof of such medical attention.
    3. In the event an injured employee is unable to return to work, as recommended by the physician, such employee will be granted leave without pay. The employee may elect to use available paid leave in accordance with the policy. The leave may be extended until such time as the employee is able to return to work, or for a maximum period of one year.
      NOTE: The three-day waiting period begins the first regularly scheduled work day following the injury or day of first medical treatment for all full-time employees. The waiting period for employees who work part-time or on an irregular schedule will be the first three calendar days following the injury or date of first medical treatment.
    4. During the three-day waiting period, a full-time employee may charge any absence to accumulated vacation, personal leave, or sick leave.
    5. Following the three-day waiting period, an injured employee may elect to use available paid leave to make up the difference between what is paid by Workers' Compensation and the employee's regular pay.
    6. An injured employee who is unable to return to work and who has been granted a leave of absence shall continue to accumulate paid leave for a period not to exceed one year. Such leave accumulations will be credited to the account of the employee only upon return to an employment status.

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