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20.140 Academic Calendar

Bd. Min. 4/8/05; Revised 10/23/09; Revised 6/17/11; Revised 7/22/11.

  1. The academic calendar will conform to the following timetable:
    1. The fall semester will begin the first Monday after August 18.
    2. The spring semester will begin on the Tuesday after Martin Luther King Day for UM-Columbia, UM-Kansas City,  UM-St. Louis and Missouri University of Science and Technology.
    3. There will be no classes during the week of Thanksgiving.
    4. Spring break will be the week containing the last Wednesday in March.
    5. The last day of class, study day schedules, and final exam schedules will be set by each campus. Each campus should set the last day of class to allow for at least 43 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday classes for each class scheduled to meet on those days of the week, and 29 Tuesday and Thursday classes for classes scheduled to meet on those days.
    6. The campus will set the dates for commencement, the schedules for intersession, the various schedules for the summer semester, the dates for any off-schedule course meetings, and the schedules for professional schools.
  2. Any variations to the above academic calendar must be recommended by the faculty and Chancellor of the campus, recommended by the President, and approved by the Board of Curators.

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