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20.150 Intercampus Student Council

Executive Order No. 34, 09-27-05

  1. Purposes and Functions -- Intercampus Student Council (ISC) serves as a liaison committee between the President and his staff and the four campus student bodies. It communicates to the President and his staff the views and concerns of the student bodies on the campuses. It advises the President on matters of University policy that concern students and addresses such problems as the President wishes to bring to the ISC. The Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs will provide administrative and advisory support to ISC.
  2. Membership -- ISC is composed of the Presidents and Vice Presidents or their chosen representatives from each officially recognized student government of the University of Missouri as well as the Student Representative to the Board of Curators and one other student representative as chosen by the student government presidents.
  3. Officers -- A Chair and Recorder for ISC will be elected among the membership to a one semester term at the first regularly scheduled meeting of the Fall and Winter semesters.
  4. Meetings -- ISC meetings are held at the call of the President or Chairperson at such times and places as may be designated. Ordinarily, meetings are held once each month during the Fall and Winter semesters. Members attending meetings are entitled to be reimbursed for their reasonable travel expenses in accordance with University policies.

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