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30.020 Advancement Communications

Bd. Min. 8-22-68; Bd. Min. 4-19-69, Amended Bd. Min. 12-15-94, Amended 8-31-95; Amended 9-24-10.

  1. University Authority, Organization and General Policies
    1. Advancement Communications are defined as those which operate in conjunction with advancement programs of friend raising and development. They include all communications directed primarily to members of constituent groups, alumni and/or donors to the University and its constituent groups, and communications seeking contributions to the University.
    2. The administration of any general University communications policy must recognize the specialized purposes of advancement communications.
    3. Organizations
      1. The UM Council for Institutional Relations, under the direction of the President, is responsible for:

        (1) The coordination of advancement communications among the campuses.
        (2) The development and implementation of University-wide advancement communications.

      2. Campus advancement communications departments are responsible for all campus advancement communications, including those produced by any division or department.
    4. Advancement communications link the University and thousands of its alumni, donors and friends. Communications must be positive in their approach, effectively written and produced, and well coordinated on both intra-campus and inter-campus levels to avoid duplication and to achieve University objectives. Campus advancement communications, particularly those directed to and supported by alumni, should reflect the unique qualities of each campus and alumni association. Alumni communications financially supported in whole or in part by alumni associations should portray the University in a positive manner.

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