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Chapter 30: Development

30.030 Friend Raising

Bd. Min. 8-22-68; Bd. Min. 4-19-69; Amended Bd. Min. 12-15-94, Amended 8-31-95.

  1. University Authority and General Policies
    1. The official alumni and other organization records and mailing lists will be maintained at University expense. The records shall be the property of the University of Missouri.
  2. Alumni Relations
    1. By providing records, maintenance, and staff personnel, the University assists the operation and service of alumni and alumni groups.
    2. University Alumni Policies
      1. An individual will be considered an alumnus of the University:
        (1) Who is a graduate of the University.
        (2) Who attended the University for at least one semester or summer session.
        (3) Who has had an honorary degree conferred upon them by the University.
        (4) Who has been elected to membership in the campus alumni association by its board of directors.
      2. There shall be only one independent chartered alumni association for each campus of the University. Any college or divisional organizations shall be components of the chartered campus alumni association.
  3. Constituent Organizations -- Constituent organizations using the name of the University of Missouri, or implying that they are associated with the University, will be chartered by the University and, through the advancement office, will submit annually, for approval, copies of their founding charter. Such charters will specify the objectives of the organization, its structure and its financial arrangements, and requirements for periodic audits. The charter will also include: the name of the organization, the objectives of the association, requirements for membership, dues structure, organizational structure, definition of officers, terms of office and basic responsibilities, financial arrangements, method of amendment and other pertinent information detailing the not-for-profit status of the organization.

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