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Chapter 140: Investments

140.014 Investment Policy for Fixed Income Pool

Bd. Min. 6-26-12. Revised 6-25-15.

  1. Introduction -- The University's Fixed Income Pool endowment fund includes gifts, bequests and other funds directed to be used to support a University program in perpetuity. Donor restrictions limit the investment of these funds to fixed income securities.
  2. Responsibilities and Authorities -- See CRR 140.010 “Policy for Management and Oversight of Selected University Investment Pools.
  3. Investment Objectives -- The primary investment objectives of the Fixed Income Pool are capital preservation and the maximization of earned income.
  4. Authorized Investments -- The Fixed Income Pool shall be invested in an externally managed fixed income fund.  Specific guidelines for externally managed funds are contained in CRR 140.011, “Policy for Investment Manager Selection, Monitoring and Retention."
  5. Spending Policy – All earned income shall be distributed monthly.

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