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80.010 Procurement

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  1. The President shall have the authority to purchase supplies, equipment, and services in conformance with these Collected Rules and Regulations.
  2. The President shall also be authorized to: 
    1. Participate in cooperative purchasing arrangements with any public entity or group, and execute purchase contracts for the University under these arrangements, provided the procurement methods and procedures of such entity or group are consistent with University policies.  Expand University’s Cooperative Purchasing program allowing other public entities, affiliates, owned subsidiaries, and higher education institutions to access University awarded agreements. 
    2. Reject bids, reissue bids, or to purchase items or services, on the open market if they can be purchased at a better price than bid. 
    3. Contract with other schools and colleges and with outside agencies for educational and training programs and for the use of facilities and instructors for regular University or extension courses. 
    4. Contract with authors relating to publications of books by the University Press. 
    5. Contract for the conduct of intercollegiate athletic programs.
    6. Execute agreements for all intercollegiate athletic contracts for the scheduling of athletic contests, for broadcasting and telecasting athletic contests and for programs and concessions covering athletic contests. 
    7. Contract for purchase of items for resale in the normal operations of the University's bookstores or other auxiliary services, and waive bidding requirements when it is in the best interests of the University.
  3. Board of Curators approval shall be obtained for purchases for unique items or services which do not lend themselves to competitive bidding when the cost is more than $500,000, except for proprietary licenses or maintenance agreements necessary for operation of University computing equipment or turbine and generator Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for parts and labor, in which case the President shall be authorized to enter into these contracts. 
  4. Competitive bids are not required for items and services valued at $10,000 or less, if there are no savings or advantages if bid.
  5. Competitive bids shall be obtained when the estimated value exceeds $10,000. However, purchases for unique items and services which do not lend themselves to competitive bidding may be purchased on a negotiated basis without bidding.
  6. Purchases estimated to cost $100,000 or more shall be advertised in such places as are most likely to reach prospective bidders.
  7. In competitive bidding and in instances in which competitive bids are not required, preference shall be given to Missouri products, materials, services and firms when the goods or services  are of equal or better overall value.  In assessing overall value, consideration will be given to the extent to which proximity or Missouri preference of the supplier provides potential advantages or reduction of risks. Firms are considered "Missouri firms" if they maintain a regular place of business in the State of Missouri.
  8. An annual report shall be provided to the Board for purchases and competitively bid services contracts when the cost is more than $1,000,000; equipment leases when the total cost is more than $1,000,000 or when the lease term is more than five years. 

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