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460.030 Participants

Bd. Min. 2-11-83; Revised Bd. Min 4-9-15.

  1. Eligibility
    Faculty members are eligible to become participants in the DFP in accordance with the policy set forth in Section VII of the SOD Faculty Handbook.  This policy states the following:

    Intramural or extramural faculty practice options may be available for practitioners holding a current license (Missouri license required to practice intramurally). These options are available to non-tenure track as well as tenure track and tenured faculty. The opportunity to work in the SOD Faculty Practice is dependent upon a number of factors and requires the approval of Dean. Faculty or faculty applicants who are interested in faculty practice should work with their department chair, the Dean of the school as well as the Faculty Practice Director. For each faculty participant in the Faculty Practice, a written participation agreement will be executed annually and filed in the Office of the Dean.

    Plan participants will abide by all provisions of the Plan, the DFP Operations & Procedures Manual, the UMKC policies and the University of Missouri Collected Rules and Regulations. In addition, each Participant will also practice in accordance and must comply with the following:

    1. The Code of Ethics of the American Dental Association;
    2. The laws governing the practice of dentistry in the State of Missouri as defined by the Missouri Dental Board; and
    3. The general rules, by-laws and policies of the SOD.

    The Dean of the School of Dentistry is not eligible to be a participant in the Plan.

  2. Membership
    All Members of the DFP must be members of the faculty of the UMKC School of Dentistry.  To become a Participant in the DFP, an application provided by the DFP must be submitted to the Director.  The Director will make an initial determination of the available resources and review the faculty member’s credentials.  A recommendation will then be made and forwarded to the Dean for final approval.

    Subject to University regulations, retired faculty participants who are eligible to work for the University and have practiced for at least three years in the DFP may be allowed to continue to practice following their retirement from the SOD with the approval of the Dean.  Such approval will be reviewed and approved by the Dean annually.

  3. Termination from the DFP
    Participants may be terminated from the DFP for violating any of the above-mentioned governing rules and regulations.  Maintaining the privilege to practice as a participant in the DFP is dependent upon fulfilling the obligations of eligibility as outlined in section 460.030(A) and in the DFP Operations and Procedures Manual.

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