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220.050 Curators' Honorary Awards

Bd. Min. 6-19-87.

  1. General Guidelines
    1. The Board of Curators of the University of Missouri may wish to honor deserving individuals or organizations in recognition from time to time for their support and service to, or cooperation with, the University. Three awards are hereby established for this purpose:
      1. Curators' Award for International Service -- This award honors individuals, or organizations, who have made significant contributions in areas such as international education, cultural exchange or other endeavors that promote international cooperation, goodwill and understanding.
      2. Curators' Award for Outstanding Service -- This award honors individuals or organizations with exceptional service records to the University, the State of Missouri, or the nation.
      3. Curators' Award -- This award honors individuals or organizations particularly supportive of the University or those who have otherwise distinguished themselves and the University by their service to it.


    2. Recipients of those honors will be selected by the following procedures:
      1. The President of the University or a Curator may present award recommendations for Board approval.
      2. Award recipients will be determined by a vote of the Board of Curators.
      3. The awards may be presented whenever and wherever the Board of Curators wishes.
    3. The honorary awards will consist of an appropriate certificate signed by members of the Board and the University President and certified by the Secretary of the Board.

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