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220.055 Curators’ Remington R. Williams Award

Approved Board Minutes 10-28-2022.

  1. General Guidelines
    1. The Board of Curators of the University of Missouri establish the Remington R. Williams Award in memory of Mr. Williams and his outstanding service as Student Representative to the University of Missouri Board of Curators (2020-2022), a role in which he served as a champion for undergraduate and graduate students.  Each year, the Award will be presented to one student each from the University of Missouri – Kansas City, the Missouri University of Science and Technology, and the University of Missouri – St. Louis and to three students from the University of Missouri – Columbia.    
    2. Recipients of the Award will be selected from nominees that meet the following minimum criteria.  A nominee must:
      1. Be a full-time undergraduate with sophomore or junior standing, a graduate student or professional student at the time of nomination, with plans to be enrolled the following academic year;
      2. Have a minimum GPA of 3.0 or its equivalent in the student’s current program; and
      3. Be involved in at least two student organizations and have held a major leadership position in at least one of those groups.
    3. Nominations will be evaluated based upon the nominee’s impact on the institution in the following areas:
      1. Celebrating and championing the highest ideals and mission of the university;
      2. Inspiring growth and development of fellow students;
      3. Advocating for the college experience, including both academic and extracurricular pursuits; and
      4. Demonstrating outstanding character and collaborative spirit at all times.
    4. Recipients of the Award will be selected by the following procedures:
      1. Each university will establish a Williams Award Committee, consisting of the university’s chief student affairs administrator, dean of the graduate school or other designated graduate studies academic administrator, vice provost for undergraduate studies or other designated undergraduate studies academic administrator, a representative of the faculty council / senate, and a representative from the university’s recognized student government association.
      2. Any student, faculty, or staff member may nominate a qualified individual using a nomination form established by the university.
      3. The university’s Williams Award Committee will review and provide recommendations to the chancellor on each nominee. 
      4. The chancellor will select nominees to be presented to the Board of Curators.
      5. Award recipients will be determined by a vote of the Board of Curators or, at the Board’s election, by a committee of the Board.
      6. Each recipient will receive a leadership medal to wear at graduation, an invitation to attend a Board of Curators meeting at their university to be recognized, and such other award or recognition as may be determined by the Board.

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