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20.030 Executive Philosophy

Executive Order No. 1, 2-15-68; Revised 4-5-73; Revised 3-3-76; Amended by Executive Order No. 13, 11-8-73; Revised 4-5-76; Revised 9-23-79; Revised 6-25-86; Revised 2-4-92; Revised 5-28-96; Revised 4-7-97; Revised 10-1-98; Revised 8-5-99; Revised 10-1-04; Revised 6-10-09; Revised Bd. Min. 7-26-18; Revised 1-30-20.

The UM System exists to deliver excellence in teaching, research, engagement and economic development for the people of Missouri, the nation and the world. 

The UM System is organized as a system to achieve more collectively than its component parts could achieve individually and this principle will guide decision makers in managing the affairs of the UM System, whether they be academic affairs or business affairs. The Constitution of Missouri vests the Board of Curators (“Board”) with governing authority for the UM System. The Board is the governing authority for the UM System, including its system administration, and each of its universities and component parts. The Board delegates decision-making authority to the President of the UM System, but governing responsibility always resides with the Board, which has the authority to change any decision at any time.

The President is delegated general power to act for and on behalf of the Board and the UM System subject only to the Bylaws, Board Rules and Regulations or specific instructions of the Board. The President is the chief executive and academic officer of the UM System and all faculty and staff shall be under their direction and authority, and they shall be in charge of all academic, public, business, financial and related affairs of the UM System under the policies and general supervision of the Board.

The Chancellors of the UM System are appointed by and report to the President. The Chancellors are delegated authority from the President to act as the chief executive and academic officer of the campuses and charged with providing comprehensive administrative leadership and management on each of the four university campuses.   

The primary duty of the Chancellors is to attain excellence in: academic and teaching programs to educate students of all ages; research; outreach to the citizens of Missouri through extension and other services; and the advancement of economic growth of Missouri and its citizens; all within the resources available to each university as approved by the Board. Consistent with Collected Rule and Regulation 30.010, the Chancellors will also grow their university advancement programs through private fundraising and other activities that increase community support for the universities and the UM System.  In addition to their university responsibilities, the Chancellors serve as General Officers to advise the President on all matters affecting the UM System.  With the approval of the President, the Chancellors may delegate some of their responsibilities to other university officials, including the Provosts.

The Provosts of each UM System university are appointed by and report to their university’s Chancellor.  Each university Provost is delegated authority from their Chancellor to act as the chief academic officer of their university and are responsible for overseeing its academic mission.

It is the fundamental responsibility of the Board, President, Chancellors and officers to seek and manage resources to achieve the vision and mission of the UM System. This fundamental responsibility compels all General Officers to look beyond individual universities and interests to enable the UM System to meet the needs of Missouri.

The basic principle that will be followed in leading and managing the UM System is that authority and accountability will be linked. Managerial authority to make decisions will be coupled with managers being held accountable for results. Outcomes achieved will be measured against goals.

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