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Chapter 20: Organization

20.030 Executive Philosophy

Executive Order No. 1, 2-15-68; Revised 4-5-73; Revised 3-3-76; Amended by Executive Order No. 13, 11-8-73; Revised 4-5-76; Revised 9-23-79; Revised 6-25-86; Revised 2-4-92; Revised 5-28-96; Revised 4-7-97; Revised 10-1-98; Revised 8-5-99; Revised 10-1-04; Revised 6-10-09

  1. The University of Missouri exists to educate students of all ages; to promote the life of the mind; and to serve the people of Missouri, the nation and the world. In managing the affairs of the University, whether they be academic affairs or business affairs, all of those making decisions within the University community should keep foremost in their minds the reason for the existence of the University.
  2. The Constitution of Missouri specifies that the University of Missouri is governed by a Board of Curators composed of nine citizens appointed by the Governor and approved by the Senate. Although the Board of Curators delegates decision-making authority to certain officers of the University, governing responsibility always resides with the Curators, who have the authority to change any decision at any time.
  3. It is the fundamental responsibility of University officers to seek and manage resources in the best interest of the citizens of Missouri. This fundamental responsibility makes it essential that all General Officers look beyond individual campuses and assigned areas of endeavor to consider the needs of the state and the resource base of the University in meeting their obligations to Missouri citizens.
  4. The basic principle that will be followed in leading and managing the University is that authority and accountability will be linked. Accountability in management will be coupled with the authority necessary for effective decision making, and those persons with designated authority will be held accountable for the effectiveness of their decisions.
  5. General Officers, Duties and Responsibilities -- The General Officers of the University are as follows: President, Chancellors, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Finance and Administration, Vice President for Government Relations, Vice President for Human Resources, Vice President for Information Technology, Vice President for Research and Economic Development, General Counsel, Senior Associate Vice President/Chief of Staff and Senior Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs. 

Line of Authority and Management Philosophy -- The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the University and is accountable to the Board on all matters. The other General Officers report to the President, who has final executive authority within the University. Under the leadership of the President, the General Officers must constitute a strong management team, capable of discussing important issues, weighing alternatives, and assisting the President in presenting unified recommendations to the Board, the University community, and the public.

The President is responsible for communications with the Board of Curators and for managing the University in accord with Board policy. Specific responsibilities reserved to the President are Board relationships; executive and legislative relations, both at the state and federal levels; and relationships with the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education and other state and federal governmental entities involved in providing resources for Missouri higher education.

  1. The Chancellors of the campuses are the chief academic and administrative officers charged with providing academic leadership and management on their campuses. The primary duty of the Chancellors is to strive to attain excellence of programs and offerings within the resources available to the campuses. The Chancellors will ensure that student services and support are provided to create appropriate learning environments, and the Chancellors are also responsible for campus advancement programs and private fund-raising. In addition to their campus responsibilities, the Chancellors serve as general officers to advise the President on all matters affecting the University of Missouri.
  2. The Vice Presidents are responsible for assigned University-wide activities and for providing staff support to the President.
    The Vice President for Academic Affairs provides support and advice to the President on the fulfillment of the academic mission of the University related to student learning and academic planning and programming.
    The Vice President for Finance and Administration has responsibility for University budget development and planning, financial services, auditing services, business services, physical facilities, treasury functions and institutional research. The Vice President provides leadership in the development of policies and procedures in these areas.
    The Vice President for Government Relations is responsible for developing and overseeing all governmental relations activities at the federal, state and local levels that support the mission of the University of Missouri.  This includes developing strategies for legislative initiatives and providing leadership for the development of federal and state legislative priorities each year.
    The Vice President for Human Resources is responsible for overseeing the University's system-wide human resource programs and to provide leadership in the development and implementation of system-wide University policies and procedures including faculty and staff benefits, compensation, labor relations, leadership development, executive performance, and supporting HR systems.
    The Vice President for Information Technology is responsible for providing leadership in the planning and implementation of information technologies across the University and through Extension, extending the technologies throughout the state.
    The Vice President for Research and Economic Development is responsible for linking research from the four University of Missouri campuses with emerging and existing firms across the state and around the world.  The Vice President will serve as a conduit to local, state and federal agencies to ensure research results aid the growth of the Missouri economy.
  3. The University General Counsel is the officer appointed by the Board to provide legal advice and counsel to the Board of Curators. The University Counsel also provides legal advice to the University administration and to the faculty and staff on all matters that affect the governance and operation of the University.
  4. The Senior Associate Vice President/Chief of Staff has overall responsibility for the Offices of the President and Strategic Communications.  This position provides direct staff support to the President, wtih the primary goal of assisting the President in implementing the President's vision and successfully achieving the University's mission.  The Senior Associate Vice President/Chief of Staff also serves as the principal liaison between the UM System and state higher education agencies.
  5. The Senior Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs will provide general leadership within Academic Affairs and is responsible for the vision and implementation of distance education and other academic initiatives.  This position will also assist the Vice President for Academic Affairs in serving as a catalyst for change that promotes quality of and provides access to academic programs in an effective and efficient manner.
  6. The General Officers will seek opportunities for providing academic programs and administrative and support services more efficiently and effectively on a University-wide basis. The General Officers will actively monitor services and programs to determine which can best be provided on a contractual or University-wide basis.
  7. Evaluation of General Officers -- The President will establish criteria for the evaluation of the General Officers. Each General Officer will annually present to the President an evaluation of the performance of each executive-level person reporting to the General Officer and such other personnel as the President deems appropriate. The annual report will include recommended changes in personnel compensation.

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