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20.100 Intercampus Faculty Cabinet

Executive Guideline No. 11, 2-5-76; Revised 12-1-84; Revised 5-23-05; Revised 1-30-20.

  1. Purposes and Functions -- The IFC serves as a liaison group between the President and President’s staff and the four campus faculties. It communicates to the President and President’s staff the views and concerns of the faculties. It advises the President on matters of University policy, including academic, financial, strategic, administrative and other matters and performs those functions or duties which are appropriate to an intercampus faculty body. It brings to the President and President’s staff representative issues and opinions of members of the several campus faculties and addresses such problems as the President wishes to bring to the IFC.
  2. Membership -- The Cabinet shall be composed of twelve faculty members holding regular academic staff positions (including departmental chairpersons). Three members shall be selected from each of the four campuses in accordance with procedures established by the elected representative faculty groups of the respective campuses. Members shall serve terms the length of which shall be at the discretion of the respective campuses. They may serve successive terms; however, membership must be terminated upon the member's assumption of substantial administrative duties, resignation, or retirement from the University. Should a member go on leave, the vacancy may be filled on a temporary basis or for the entire balance of the unexpired term.
  3. Officers -- IFC officers shall be selected for one-year terms from Council members, with each campus having a Chairperson within a four-year rotation. The Chairperson shall be elected in the Spring of the year preceding the term in office, which begins July 1st.
  4. Meetings -- IFC meetings are held at the call of the President or Chairperson at such times and places as may be designated. Ordinarily, meetings are held once each month except for June and July. The meetings are divided into two sessions - the President's Session, in which the IFC meets with the President, and the Cabinet Session, in which the IFC meets without the President. IFC meetings take precedence over conflicting campus duties or other University duties. Members attending meetings are entitled to be reimbursed for their reasonable travel expenses.
  5. Agenda -- The President sets the agenda for the President's Session. The Cabinet may request that the President place on the agenda items for its meeting with the President. The Chairperson of the IFC sets the agenda for the Cabinet Session. The agenda shall be sent at such a time that the members of the Cabinet and the President will receive an agenda approximately one week before each meeting.
  6. Committees -- The Cabinet may, on its own initiative or at the request of the President, form such committees as appear desirable for the expeditious functioning of the Cabinet. In appropriate cases, faculty members with special knowledge or skills who are not members of the Cabinet may be appointed to those committees.
  7. Amendments -- Amendments to these Purposes and Functions may be proposed in writing at a meeting of the Cabinet by the President of the University, the Chairperson or any members of the Cabinet. If approved by at least two-thirds of the membership of the Cabinet at the next regular meeting, the amendment will become effective immediately.

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