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460.080 Administration of the Plan

Bd. Min. 2-11-83; Revised Bd. Min 4-9-15.

  1. The DFP Plan
    The DFP Plan is the document approved by the Board of Curators that outlines the broad operational goals and structure of the DFP. The specific, day-to-day tactical procedures and policy guidelines are set forth in the DFP Operations & Procedures Manual. This manual shall include all aspects of the DFP and defines the individual desired outcomes; provides measurements to assure the effectiveness of each outcome; and outlines specific steps to accomplish every outcome; this manual also contains relevant policies and procedures of the DFP.
  2. Director of the Dental Faculty Practice
    The Director shall be a full time faculty member, and will report directly to the Dean of the SOD.This position is appointed by and serves at the discretion of the Dean.Selection of a Director shall involve consultation with the DFP participants but the final decision shall be determined by the Dean.The responsibilities of the director shall include:

    1. Assuring that the overall operation of the DFP is compliant with the UM Collected Rules and Regulations and the DFP Plan; and all applicable laws, rules and regulations.
    2. Overseeing the management of the DFP, delegating responsibilities to the appropriate staff & practitioners;
    3. The fiscal management of the DFP,  bringing best practice efficiencies into place such that the practice maintains an appropriate mix of practitioners, volume of patients (marketing) and fiscal feasibility and responsibility;
    4. Reviewing the general operating budget on a quarterly basis with the chief fiscal officer of the Plan;
    5. To the extent possible, assuring that the DFP is self-sufficient as a business entity and operates fiscally independent of the SOD operations;
    6. Developing relevant benchmarking tools to track progress (trending) of the practice in: a) patient growth, b) expenditures, c) revenues and productivity, and/or d) other appropriate indices;
    7. Developing and maintaining a current long-term strategic plan for the DFP;
    8. Assuring that appropriately trained staff is available for quality, efficient operation of the DFP;
    9. The development and periodic upgrading of the DFP Plan that is approved by the University of Missouri Board of Curators;
    10. The development and periodic upgrading of the DFP Operations & Procedures Manual with consensus of the DFP staff and participants, where appropriate;
    11. Implementing and having Participants sign annual Participation Agreement to practice in the DFP; and
    12. Assuring that appropriate quality improvement measures are in place, and that quality reviews are undertaken as necessary.
  3. Additional Monitoring of the Plan
    1. Chancellor--The Dean shall meet at least annually with the Chancellor to report on all Plan operations.
    2. Dean--All modifications to the Plan shall be at the discretion of the Dean, who will forward those recommendations to the Chancellor and Board of Curators for final approval. 
    3. Director of Business Affairs--On a periodic basis, but no less than monthly, he will meet with the Director and Administrator to review the business and financial health of the DFP.
    4. Director--On a monthly basis, the Director will meet with or inform the Dean of the most recent operating and financial information from the DFP.
    5. Administrator--The chief responsibility of the Administrator is to collect and analyze monthly indicators, manage data that describe the operational health of the DFP, oversee and manage clinic supervisors, and to make recommendations on changes or additions to the Director.
    6. Supervisors--The administrative and clinical supervisors monitor and manage the staff personnel that operate within the DFP and report to the Administrator on an ongoing basis.
  4. DFP Participant Meetings
    On a periodic basis but no less than annually, a meeting will be held to discuss the operations and finances of the DFP. Appropriate financial and operational information will be shared with the parties present. All DFP Plan participants, the administrator, the director, the Director of Business Affairs, and the Dean, SOD will be invited to attend. The purpose of such meetings is to improve communications between faculty and administration, improve the overall work environment, and to update all parties with the then current status of the DFP.

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