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Chapter 320: Employment and Termination

320.120 Security Personnel

172.350, R.S.Mo. 1959; Bd. Min. 9-5-70.

  1. Appointment -- The Curators of the University of Missouri may appoint and employ as many watchmen as they may deem necessary, not to exceed six in number and who shall be paid not more than seventy-five dollars per month--to protect property and to preserve peace and good order in the public buildings and upon the campuses, grounds, and farms, over which they may have charge or control.
  2. Oath of Office -- The watchmen, before they enter upon their duties, shall take and subscribe an oath of office before some officer authorized to administer oaths, to faithfully and impartially discharge the duties thereof, which oath shall be filed in the office of the Secretary of the University, and the Secretary shall give each watchman so appointed and qualified a certificate of appointment, under the seal of the University, which certificate shall clothe him with the same power to maintain order, preserve peace and make arrests as is now held by peace officers; the watchmen may in addition expel from the public buildings, campuses, grounds and farms, persons violating the rules and regulations that may be prescribed by the Board of Curators or others under the authority of the Board. Such officer or employee of the University as may be designated by the Board of Curators shall have immediate charge, control and supervision of watchmen appointed by authority of this section.
  3. Authority Granted to Watchmen -- The Curators, should it be deemed expedient, may grant to any officer, member of the faculty or other employee the same powers as hereby authorized to be granted to watchmen, and in all such cases, the individuals so designated shall qualify as required of watchmen and shall receive a similar certificate of authority. Nothing herein shall be construed as denying the Board of Curators the right to appoint guards or watchmen who shall not be given the authority and powers hereby authorized.
  4. Authority to Issue Watchmen's Commissions -- Until further order of this Board, the Board does hereby delegate to the President of the University the authority vested in The Curators of the University of Missouri under the provisions of Section 172.350 R.S.Mo. 1959, to grant in the name of The Curators of the University of Missouri, the power authorized to watchmen, to any peace officer of the State of Missouri, or any city or municipality thereof, or to any permanent or temporary employee of the University, and that upon certification of the exercise of such authority the Secretary of the Board is authorized to cause to be administered the required oath and to issue certificates of authority.

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