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Chapter 340: Employee Absences

340.030 Sick Leave

Bd. Min. 7-16-58, p. 13,307; Bd. Min. 6-28-68, amended 9-17-76, amended 9-7-79; Bd. Min. 7-30-82, effective 9-1-82; Bd. Min. 7-15-86; Bd. Min. 3-11-94; amended Bd. Min. 9-26-97; amended Bd. Min. 7-17-98; amended Bd. Min. 7-19-02; amended Bd. Min. 7-23-04; amended Bd. Min. 10-23-09; amended Bd. Min. 9-13-13.

  1. Accrual -- Regular Administrative, Service and Support employees and certain non-regular academic employees as approved by the Chancellor and President accrue sick leave at the rate of 12 working days per year accrued over each pay period.
    1. Sick leave is accrued from the beginning of employment.
    2. Credit for sick leave accumulates during vacations, sick leave, excused absence with pay and any leave of absence without pay granted for an on-the-job injury compensable under Workers' Compensation. Sick leave accruals will be available to the employee only after returning to work in regular status.  
  2. Using Sick Leave
    1. Reasonable time may be used for the purpose of medical or dental appointment. Requests for such time off shall be made as far in advance as possible.
    2. An employee may use up to 12 days of accumulated sick leave each calendar year for illness in the immediate family or Sponsored Adult Dependent. An employee may use up to 12 days of accumulated sick leave each calendar year for the purpose of placement of an adoptive child in the employee's home or the care of that child immediately after placement.
    3. Disability due to pregnancy will be treated as any other illness or disability.  
  3. Termination -- Upon termination of employment, employees shall not receive payment for accrued sick leave and accruals will be cancelled.  
  4. Retirement -- Employees will receive additional creditable service in calculating retirement benefits for all unused accumulated sick leave.

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