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Cash Management - Debt Issuance and Monitoring - Internal Loan Application

Internal Loan Application Form - University of Missouri System
1. Brief description of property to be purchased:
2. Estimated cost of property: $
3. Estimated monthly payment: $
4. Term of Loan: months
5. Interest Rate: 6. Date of first payment:
Last day of _______________ , 20____
The undersigned acknowledges and agrees to the following terms and conditions for an internal loan from the University of Missouri System.


7. PeopleSoft Chartfield Information: 8. Authorized Signatures:
Property purchased from:
Account [BU Fund Deptid Program Project Class] Mocode
Department acquiring property (Dean/Director)

Monthly payments charged to:
Account [BU Fund Deptid Program Project Class] Mocode
Purchasing Department


Administrative Vice Chancellor




Chancellor (if $500,000 or more)

9. Loan Approval Date: Treasurer


Reviewed 2011-02-21.