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Payment Card Policies

Payment Card Policies
Merchant Policies Templates

All merchants must select the correct template, update the template, save, and keep on file for their particular merchant environment. 

  • Category 1 - All credit card processing is outsourced.
  • Category 2 - Merchant only processes payments using a dial up (copper phone line or cellular) terminal.
  • Category 1 and 2 - Merchant Business Unit processes payments by dial up or IP terminal and accepts payments by outsourced e-commerce website
  • Category 3 - Transmit and process cardholder data via payment applications but cardholder data is not stored electronically.
  • Category 4 - Merchant only processes payments using a web-based (virtual terminal, and does not store cardholder data electronically.
  • Category 5 - Merchants which store cardholder data in electronic format, or does not fit categories 1 through 4.

General Merchant Policies

IT / Advanced Security Policies


Reviewed 2014-03-31.