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Research Subject Reimbursements by Non-PO Voucher

To complete SUBJECT REIMBURSEMENT related to Research Subjects via Non-PO Voucher

  1. A SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER AND W-9 IS REQUIRED for suppliers set up to enable proper tax reporting.  If requesting a supplier enter "IRB#xxxxxxx" in the Comments on step 2 of the Supplier Registration.  For guidance using the Supplier Registration Form, click HERE.
  2. First, use PeopleSoft Production to access the Payment Request Center and select the Create button. You will enter your request in a series of four pages
    1. Summary Information Page – Enter the details of the payment request including receipts/invoices/contracts under the attachment link.
      1. Description - Assign a number that represents the participant. (Do not use a description that identifies who the subject is or what the subject is being paid for.
      2. Notes – Enter "Documentation on file in the department." The department is responsible for keeping all records on file for 5 years or longer. (Grant documentation must be kept for 3 years after the date of the final report to the agency.)
    2. Supplier Information Page – Select or Request a supplier
    3. Invoice Detail Page – Add Invoice Lines
      1. Department MOCODE
      2. PS Account - 750120-Research Participant Fee
      3. Description – Enter “Compensation” or “Travel Reimbursement”
    4. Review and Submit Page – Review the request details and/or submit it.
  3. Once you have submitted the request your payment request will display in the Requests Section with a request status of Approved. A process will then convert the payment request to a voucher, change its request status to Vouchered, and enter it in to approval workflow on the voucher side.
  4. Approval workflow is the routing of a voucher electronically based on the chartfield expenses are charged to. Levels include:
    1. Project Manager: If grant chartfield used, this is the Principal Investigator identified in the Grants Module.
    2. Fiscal Reviewer: These are the Approvers at the DeptNode, SubDeptNode and DeptID level in FIN Authorization.
    3. Accounting Office: These are the Accounts Payable Shared Service approvers.
  5. The Accounts Payable Shared Services Center approver will verify all information and either release the NON-PO Voucher for payment in PeopleSoft Production or send it back to the department with questions and requests for further clarification.
  6. Once the NON-PO Voucher has been released for payment in PeopleSoft Production, payment will be processed as either a check on the first Tuesday following release, an ACH on the night following release, or an “Express Check” on the same day as release if an appropriate business need has been communicated within the voucher and sufficient notice has been provided for processing.
  7. Payment is made to the Research Participant.

Reviewed 2021-09-22

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