Cash Advance for Travel

Obtaining a Cash Advance for Travel in Travel & Expense

  • Purpose
    • Use of personal credit card is not available or an acceptable form of payment (ex. Outside of the United States)
    • Expenses could not be paid in advance with other methods (Ex. Airfare with One Card or Lodging with Direct Bill)
  • How to obtain
    • Using a Cash Advance request in the Travel & Expense Module
      • Description must indicate Destination
      • Notes Section must indicate Departure & Return Dates and Detailed Purpose of Trip
      • Source must be "ACH"
      • Detail Lines should be created for each expense type (ie Per Diem, Transportation, Admission Fees, etc)
    • Repayment
      • Cash Advance repayment in the Travel & Expense Module
      • Repaid in full within 21 calendar days following completion of trip
      • Failure to repay may result in payroll deductions or student charge
      • In accordance with IRS regulations, the University has an “accountable” plan that allows it to reimburse employees for authorized business expenses with no effect on taxable compensation.  Payments made to employees that are not adequately accounted for are considered to be made under a non-accountable plan, and have to be added to the employee’s taxable compensation, and are subject to withholding.  (BPM 219)
  • Special Circumstances
    • Please consult the APSS Cash Advance Coordinator prior to requesting a Cash Advance for these reasons, as they MAY NOT be able to complete a Cash Advance in the Travel & Expense module.
      • Visitors and students who need to have money up front for meals
        • In accordance with the Meal Allowances identified in BPM 505
        • Cash advance needs to be issued to employee for disbursement and employee must obtain a signed receipt from visitor/student as payments are issued.
        • Employee expense report should report the expense using "Miscellaneous" expense type and attach the signed receipt(s) acknowledgement.
      • Visitors, students, GRAs and GTAs who need to have money up front for other travel expenses, and documentation of expenses is not possible or feasible:
        • In rarer circumstances it may be necessary to pay an individual a set amount to defray these expenses by non-PO voucher. The payment would be coded as taxable to the recipient and would be eligible for a 1099.
      • GRAs, GTAs and Part-time employees who will be able to document their actual expenses after a trip.
        • May be allowed if approved by the Chair and Dean’s office. Please contact the APSS Cash Advance Coordinator for further details.

Reviewed 2017-10-12.

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