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Research Subject Payments

The university treats all research projects involving human subjects as confidential whether or not there is a specific external requirement to do so. It may be beneficial to the design of research using human subjects for subjects to receive payment.  As addressed in the How to Buy Tool, the university prefers payments be made by check via Non-PO Voucher.  The university has established four additional methods which allow research subjects to be paid while ensuring confidentiality. 

Please contact your Campus Subject Payment Coordinator with any questions.

  1. Direct Payment to Research Subject by Check via Non-PO Voucher (PREFERRED METHOD OF PAYMENT)
  2. Direct Payment to Research Subjects by Gift Card purchased in Show-Me Shop
  3. Direct Payment to Research Subjects by Cash via Cash Advance in Travel & Expense
  4. Subject Reimbursements related to Research Subjects via Non-PO Voucher
  5. Supplier Reimbursements related to Research Subjects via Non-PO Voucher

Non-Resident Alien payments:  If the department is providing direct payment to suppliers who are Non-Resident Aliens for IRB research conducted on US soil, please contact the campus Non-Resident Tax Specialist first as there are tax implications.  

1099 Reporting: Document subject information on one of the two forms below and send PAPER copies of the log only to APSS.  DO NOT scan or email documents.  DO NOT remit receipts or originals.














Reviewed 2021-08-30

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