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Purchase Order Voucher

Generally speaking, what is a PO voucher? 

A PO (Purchase Order) is a buyer-generated document that authorizes a purchase transaction. When accepted by the seller, it becomes a contract binding on both parties.  A PO sets forth the descriptions, quantities, prices, discounts, payment terms, date of performance or shipment, other associated terms and conditions, and identifies a specific seller.  A PO travels through an approval process to match it to what has been billed (PO Invoice)  and received (optional Receiver).  This process results in a PO Voucher which validates and ties the PO, PO Invoice, and optional Receiver together.  Once the PO Voucher has been approved, the vendor can be paid.

Within the University of Missouri System, when should I use a PO?

Selecting the correct payment type involves several factors.  Please click HERE for a detailed description of which method to use.  Generally speaking, a PO should be used when needed products/services:

  • are NOT available through the Show-Me-Shop AND
  • CANNOT be purchased using a One Card AND
  • Price is greater than $5,000.

Within the University of Missouri System, how does the PO voucher process work?

When using a PO Voucher, before a vendor will be paid, a match must take place between what has been ordered, billed, and received.  This process is as follows:

  1. First, a staff person from the requesting department must use PeopleSoft Production to create a requisition.  A Requisition is simply a detailed list of the items the department wishes to purchase including descriptions, quantities, and prices.
  2. Next, this requisition must be sent to an approver/s for Requisition Approval of expenditures.
  3. Once approved, the requisition will go through one of five daily scheduled Budget Checks or the nightly Budget Check process depending on when approval occured.
  4. Assuming the requisition has passed through both approver and budget check steps 2 and 3 above, Procurement must next use PS Production to perform a Sourcing Process to select which vendor/s will provide the products and/or services detailed on the Requisition.
  5. Once Sourcing has been completed, a Purchase Order will be created with a new and Unique Purchase Order Number.
  6. The Purchase Order must also pass through both a Purchase Order Approval process and a Second Budget Check.
  7. Once the Purchase Order has been approved, it will be dispatched to the identified vendors so the order can be placed, fulfilled, sent to the requesting department, and invoice sent to AP Shared Services.
  8. Optionally, when the requesting department receives their order, they may go into PeopleSoft Production and create a Receiver, which is a process by which all items which were ordered are verified against what was actually received.
  9. So that APSS has all the documents needed to create and approve a PO Voucher, the vendor or department must email their PO Invoices to APSS. For instructions on how to submit PO Invoices click HERE.
  10. Once AP Shared Services receives a valid Invoice, they create a PO Voucher.  This PO Voucher matches the PO (what was ordered), with the PO Invoice (what was billed), with what was received (Optional Receiver).  Depending on when a PO Voucher is created, it will go through either a daily or nightly process to ensure a two or three way match.
  11. Assuming the match was successful, if the vendor has selected to be paid by ACH their payment will be wired on the night the matching process is successful.  If not, a check will be cut and mailed to them on the Tuesday following successful matching process.

Reviewed 2019-08-08

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