Estimate your Retirement Benefits

Before proceeding to the Retirement Estimate site, you must first go through Administrative Web Applications. When you click on Proceed you will be taken to the Administrative Web Applications Home Page. You will need to follow these instructions to gain access to the Retirement Estimate site:

  • Choose "Web Applications"
  • When prompted, enter user name and password
  • Choose "Employee Information"
  • Choose "Retirement, Vested and Not Vested Calculator"

Access the "Estimate Your Retirement Benefits Tutorial" for step-by-step instructions on how to access and use the online retirement calculator.

*Estimate what your benefits would be if you were employed long enough to retire from the University (age 55-59 with 10 or more years of service or age 60+ with 5 or more years of service), left the University after vesting but before retirement, or leaving before vesting.

*Deferred Vested Benefit Worksheet is used to estimate your benefits if you were to terminate employment prior to being eligible for retirement. It can also be used to determine the present value of your vested benefit.


Reviewed 2012-07-24.