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A Look at the Influence of the UM System in Southeast Missouri

During April’s Board of Curators meeting, Chair David Bradley introduced the latest segment in the Advancing Missouri video series.

The video, produced by MU journalism student Dak Dillon, highlights five stories that showcase the influence of the University of Missouri in southeast Missouri: one from each of our four university campuses, and one from University of Missouri Extension.

“No single video can begin to capture the totality of what the university is doing in any one corner of the state, let alone the state as a whole,” Bradley said. “But it’s my hope these videos can equip you with stories to share with your circles of influence.”

The University of Missouri System has 4,355 students and 15,600 alumni in the southeast region—a 26-county area extending south from St. Louis and east from Rolla. And even though the region is quite a distance from our university’s academic medical center in Columbia, University of Missouri Health Care saw nearly 5,400 patients from southeast Missouri last year and provided more than $2 million in uncompensated charity care.

“The numbers show that—like in my corner of the state, St. Joseph—the University of Missouri’s footprint is formidable in the southeast region,” Bradley said.

April 2012 Board of Curators Meeting Information

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