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April 16, 2021 Updates

UM System testifies at House Subcommittee on Federal Stimulus
Representatives from the University of Missouri System testified at the House Subcommittee on Federal Stimulus Spending on Monday advocating for one time funding for projects at each institution.

House Bill 682 for Campus Residency Put on Informal Calendar
Rep. Jason Chipman’s bill, which would prohibit public institutions of higher education from requiring students to live on campus more than one year, has been placed on the House Informal Calendar, meaning it can be brought up at any time on the house floor. The bill passed the House Education Committee with an amendment offered by Chairwoman Brenda Shields, which would delay the start date of the law until 2034. There are only three public institutions which have a 2-year requirement for students to live on campus – Missouri S&T, SEMO, and UCM.

House Substitute for House Bill 297 First Read in Senate
House Bill 297 was First Read in the Senate this week. The bill, sponsored by Wayne Wallingford, would allow Southeast Missouri State University to develop a statewide mission. The House proceeded with a House Substitute after perfection last week, rolling several amendments that included the following bills and then third reading to send the bill to the Senate. Here are the additional bills included in the language:

  • House Bill 856, sponsored by Rep. Richey, would remove the cap that is currently placed on tuition for public universities. The bill requires public institutions that utilize differentiated tuition to notify the Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development and to no longer administer required course fees. This is one of the top priorities for the University of Missouri System, as it would allow our institutions the flexibility to charge differential tuition, based on the cost of the degree program offered, eliminate course fees, and would allow the University to compete in the marketplace.
  • House Bill 355 creates the "Students' Right to Know Act", which, beginning January 1, 2022, requires the Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development (DHEWD) to annually collect and compile specified information on college outcomes to help high school students in making informed decisions about the potential investment in four-year college or an alternative career path. The bill was passed into Committee of Rules and Administrative Oversight.
  • House Bill 908 proposes establishing a statewide mission for Northwest Missouri State University in educator preparation, emergency and disaster management, and profession-based learning. Under this bill, sponsored by Rep. Andrews, Northwest Missouri State University will continue to be governed by its board of regents. The bill was reported to pass out of Committee of Rules and Administrative Oversight.
  • House Bill 1208 is sponsored by Rep. Brown and requires public institutions of higher learning to adopt and implement policies giving undergraduate course credit to entering freshman students who earn a passing score of three or higher for each advanced placement (AP) exam. Under the bill, the Coordinating Board for Higher Education will consult with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to identify and make public correlations between subject matter and course content and AP exams.

Next Tuesday, the Senate Education Committee will meet to hear HB 297, while the Senate Appropriations will meet for mark up throughout the week as well.

Reviewed 2021-04-16