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April 5, 2019


This week, the Senate Appropriations met behind closed doors to discuss changes they may offer to the House version of the FY20 budget that was third read and passed last week. Next week, we will hear more on those changes as they meet throughout the week publicly to discuss.


It was a busy week in the State Capitol as the House perfected a number of bills, and the Senate spent 11 hours debating Charter Schools late into Tuesday evening;then, Sports Betting on Wednesday. Both bills were laid over for further debate at a later time.

While debate on SB 292, dealing with charter schools, was taking place in the Senate, the House passed HB 575, sponsored by Higher Education Chair Dean Dohrman with additional language from six amendments that were included on the House Floor. HB 575 would allow institutions of higher education to designate one or more faculty or staff members as campus protection officers; however, with the new amendments, the bill drastically changed in language to expand the bill to prohibit any public institution of higher education in Missouri from requiring students to live in campus housing except for first-time freshman. It also includes language that would prohibit the state, political subdivisions and public institutions of higher learning from imposing any policies or contractual requirements that would have the effect of prohibiting employees or students from carrying of concealed firearms into locations where CCW is not otherwise prohibited by law. Additionally, they added a provision stating any student who shows proof of existing health insurance coverage to a public institution of higher education shall be excused from payment of fees, costs, or related expenses imposed by the public institution for the provision of health care or health insurance.

The bill is currently in Fiscal Review where it will be moved to the calendar for third read.

Undergraduate Research Day

Over 40 students from all four campuses travelled to Jefferson City on Thursday to share their cutting-edge and groundbreaking research ranging from science to medicine to the humanities. This day illustrates these students accomplishments and allows our elected officials to see, firsthand, the exciting innovations taking place at the University of Missouri System. This year received the greatest legislative turnout so far! Students were seen showing their research to legislators, staff, and others working in the Capitol throughout the morning.


Reviewed 2019-08-05