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DC Insight - 10/13/23

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Athletics News

NCAA President Charlie Baker to testify during Senate hearing on college sports next week
AP News – October 10, 2023
NCAA President Charlie Baker is expected to testify in front of a Senate committee next week during the 10th hearing on Capitol Hill over the last three years on college sports.The Senate Judiciary Committee announced it has scheduled a hearing on Name, Image and Likeness, and the Future of College Sports for next Tuesday.

Capitol Hill News

Austin Scott running for Speaker against Jordan
The Hill – October 13, 2023
The late-stage announcement from Scott — a seventh-term lawmaker who was on few people’s radar as a potential Speaker contender is an apparent protest against Jordan as House GOP lawmakers are set to hold a Speaker candidate forum Friday afternoon. After a rollercoaster week. Scalise (R-La.) bowed out when it became apparent he would not garner the 217 votes needed to earn the gavel. Internal division and opposition led to his withdrawal, coming just a day after he won the party’s nomination.

Bipartisan lawmakers introduce Iron Dome appropriations act
The Hill – October 10, 2023
The bill’s introduction comes amid deadly fighting between Israel and Hamas. The fighting has reportedly left 1,000 Israelis and 900 people in Gaza dead. Lawmakers from both parties in the House have vowed to find ways to support Israel. But the House for now is without a Speaker, meaning business is essentially at a standstill.

Higher Education News

Tensions rise on college campuses as students react to Israel-Hamas war
The Hill – October 10, 2023
The Israel-Hamas war has upended activity on U.S. college campuses.


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