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DC Insight - 10/20/23

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Agriculture News

Getting a new speaker may not clear hurdles to agriculture bills
Roll Call – October 19, 2023The House’s two major agriculture and nutrition bills look vulnerable to Republican divisions for the rest of the legislative session even if the majority can elect a new speaker to replace the ousted Kevin McCarthy and resume work on legislation. The fiscal 2024 Agriculture appropriations bill could fall victim to GOP disagreement after more than two dozen Republicans last month rejected stiff spending cuts demanded by members of their own party. And the farm bill being drafted to replace the 2018 law faces the risk of another Republican effort to cut food aid that could go too far for other lawmakers.

Ranking Member John Boozman and Senator Schmitt host farm bill listening tour
Brownfield News – October 20, 2023
The roundtable with U.S. Senators John Boozman from Arkansas and Eric Schmitt from Missouri hosted a roundtable discussion that included agricultural stakeholders weighing in on the importance of the Farm Bill to Missouri and the nation.

Capitol Hill News

Senators grill Bertagnolli on NIH priorities, drug costs
Roll Call – October 18, 2023
President Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the National Institutes of Health faced detailed policy questions about drug costs and biomedical research but few political fireworks during her appearance in front of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. The relatively bipartisan nature of nominee Monica Bertagnolli’s confirmation hearing came as somewhat of a surprise, considering the tumult that preceded her Senate appearance and how politicized the agency became during the COVID-19 pandemic. Democrats on the committee quizzed the nominee on what she would do to lower drug costs, while Republicans focused on restoring public trust in the agency.

Jordan dumped as House GOP speaker nominee
Roll Call – October 20, 2023
House Republicans voted to end Rep. Jim Jordan’s speaker run on Friday afternoon during a closed-door meeting after he lost a third ballot on the House floor earlier in the day. The conference is expected reconvene Monday for a candidate forum and then vote Tuesday on a nominee, who would be the third since the ouster of Speaker Kevin McCarthy earlier this month.

Federal News

US further limits AI chip exports to China
The Hill – October 17, 2023
The Commerce Department announced new restrictions on the sale of artificial intelligence (AI) chips to China as part of an effort to close loopholes in earlier export controls.

State Department advises all Americans overseas ‘to exercise increased caution’ in worldwide alert
CNN – October 19, 2023
The US State Department on Thursday advised all US citizens worldwide “to exercise increased caution” due to “increased tensions in various locations around the world, the potential for terrorist attacks, (and) demonstrations or violent actions against U.S. citizens and interests.” Adviory linked here.

White House asks Congress for $106 billion in security supplemental
Roll Call – October 20, 2023
The White House on Friday unveiled a national security-focused request for $106 billion in emergency supplemental funding in fiscal 2024 that officials say would support the defense of Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan and the southern border. It would also provide $10 billion in humanitarian assistance. Additionally, officials said the inclusion of $2 billion in financing for the developing world would support the mobilization of $200 billion from other sources — an effort to compete with Chinese international lending practices that U.S. officials have said are predatory.

Higher Education News

Senator Hawley Urges DOJ Investigate Outside Funding of Far-Left, Anti-Israel Student Groups
Senator Josh Hawley Press Release – October 16, 2023
Today U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, urging the Department of Justice (DOJ) immediately deploy resources to investigate the third-party funding of far-left student organizations that have called for the effective destruction of Israel.

College athletes’ name, image and likeness rights debated by U.S. Senate committee
Missouri Independent – October 18, 2023
College athletic officials testified Tuesday in support of nationally standardized name, image and likeness regulations at a U.S. Senate hearing. The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing to discuss policies governing name, image and likeness, known as NIL, in college sports. The witnesses in attendance — such as National Collegiate Athletic Association President Charlie Baker and Big Ten Conference Commissioner Tony Petitti — called for a unified NIL law to swiftly address inconsistencies in state laws, as well as protect the health and wellbeing of student athletes. NIL rules in some states generally allow high school or college athletes to make money based on their own name, image and likeness, or personal branding. Through NIL, student-athletes can profit from autographs, merchandise, affiliations and other means


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