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DC Insight - 2/24/23

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Capitol Hill News

Republicans argue Biden student debt program is ‘major question’
Roll Call – February 24, 2023
Congressional Republicans want the Supreme Court to use a case about student loan debt relief to restrict the regulatory power of the Biden administration — even if that also would hamstring a future GOP president.

Energy News

Department of Energy Announces $80 Million for Research to Accelerate Innovations in Emerging Technologies
U.S Department of Energy Office of Science - February 17, 2023
The Department of Energy Office of Science announced $80 million in funding to support fundamental research to advance the Accelerate Innovations in Emerging Technologies (Accelerate) initiative.

Healthcare News

Fentanyl Rises as Top Issue of Concern
The Hill - February 23, 2023
Polling released Thursday found fentanyl and other opioid drugs are a top public health concern for many Americans, with Republicans ranking it as the biggest threat to U.S. public health and Democrats including it in their top three (with obesity and firearm access).

Higher Education News

Biden Administration to Rescind Part of Religious Freedom Rule
Inside Higher ED - February 23, 2023
The Education Department wants to roll back part of the so-called free inquiry rule, which required public colleges and universities to uphold the First Amendment, among other provisions. However, the department says it isn’t changing the actual requirements of the First Amendment in higher education.

U.S. Education Department Increases Oversight of How Colleges Work with Outside Companies
Ed Surge - Feb 23, 2023
The U.S. Department of Education made its move to strengthen oversight of revenue-sharing agreements between colleges and companies that help operate online courses — in steps that could have a big impact in the ed-tech sector, as well as for the many students enrolled in online degree programs


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