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DC Insight - 4/21/23

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Capitol Hill News

Republicans urge tweaks to House debt limit bill ahead of vote
Roll Call – April 20, 2023
Republicans from both edges of the party are pushing for changes to a leadership-assembled debt limit bill, but Speaker Kevin McCarthy and his team appear hesitant to open it back up ahead of a planned vote next week. The legislation would cap fiscal 2024 discretionary spending at $1.47 trillion, an 8 percent cut from comparable funding this year. It includes several other measures popular with Republicans, such as a House-passed energy bill, cancelation of President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness program and repeal of IRS enforcement funds and expanded clean energy tax credits enacted in Democrats’ 2022 budget package. McCarthy didn’t answer a question about whether he would allow changes to the bill, but his deputies signaled leadership would prefer not to reopen the carefully negotiated package.

Higher Education News

What The Supreme Court’s Latest Move Means for Student Loan Forgiveness
Forbes – April 17, 2023
The Supreme Court has denied a request to delay student loan debt relief under a landmark settlement agreement that will provide billions of dollars in student loan forgiveness. The ruling hands borrowers a victory and gives the Biden administration a green light to continue implementing relief under the agreement. But legal battles over student loan cancellation continue.

House Republicans Pass Bill to Ban Transgender Women, Girls from School Sports Teams
The Hill – Thursday, April 20, 2023
House Republicans on Thursday passed a bill that seeks to prohibit transgender women and girls from participating in female athletic programs, moving to the national stage an issue that has thus far mainly played out in state legislatures and individual sports associations.


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