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DC Insight - 9/15/23

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Athletic News

New NIL bill draft targets collectives with threat of perjury for non-compliance
Yahoo Sports – September 4, 2023
The FAIR College Sports Act, as it is known, outlines several requirements that aim to streamline the involvement of groups and third parties in college sports. Registration with the USIAC is mandatory for NIL collectives and they must disclose a comprehensive list of donors. Furthermore, the act introduces rules that prohibit agents from formalizing agreements with athletes until they have been enrolled in their respective institutions for at least 45 days.

Appropriations News

Combo appropriations package hits the skids in Senate
Roll Call – September 14, 2023
Senate progress on a $279 billion package of three fiscal 2024 appropriations bills slowed to a crawl Thursday even after lawmakers overwhelmingly signaled their desire to call up the measure for debate and amendments. Last week, the administration officially requested a continuing resolution from Congress to keep the government functioning past September 30 and to allow legislators more time to negotiate spending bills. The White House also requested $16 billion for recent natural disasters, plus $24 billion for Ukraine in supplemental funding.

Capitol Hill News

Addressing America’s PFAS issue cannot wait forever
Roll Call – September 12, 2023
This fall, Congress has an opportunity to address an issue that impacts the health and safety of many of our constituents. PFAS — commonly called “forever chemicals” since they do not degrade in the environment — have been found nationwide. We shouldn’t hesitate to deliver solutions that clean up and reduce risks posed by PFAS in a scientific, bipartisan, and responsible manner.

Rep. Luetkemeyer Secures Funding for Cancer Research at Mizzou
United States Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer – September 13, 2023
Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer announced that the University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR) will receive $20 million from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to expand their cancer research capabilities. The funding, which Congressman Luetkemeyer secured in the FY23 Appropriations funding, will support construction of a new 20-megawatt research reactor on the University of Missouri campus, complimenting and strengthening life-saving medical research taking place at the MU NextGen Precision Health facility.

Hawley Introduces New Antitrust Legislation to Break Up Meatpacking, Poultry Monopolies and Empower American Farmers, Workers
United States Senator Josh Hawley – September 14, 2023
U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) introduced the Strengthening Antitrust Enforcement for Meatpacking Act to empower antitrust enforcers to break up giant meatpacking and poultry monopolies and place power back in the hands of Missouri's farmers and workers. The introduction of Senator Hawley's legislation comes after Tyson Foods announced it will be closing the doors of its poultry plants in southern Missouri, costing the state more than 2,000 jobs.

Health Care News

Sanders, Marshall reach agreement on community health center funding
The Hill – September 14, 2023
A bipartisan Senate bill from Health Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) would provide a significant funding increase for community health centers and other primary care programs in an effort to boost a shortage of health workers. The legislation increases funding for community health centers to $5.8 billion per year for three years, an increase of almost $2 billion annually. The legislation seeks to address the primary care crisis in America and the major shortages of nurses, primary care doctors, and other important health care jobs across the country, and to increase critical funding for community health centers, the National Health Service Corps, and Teaching Health Centers.. Summary of the legislation, can be found here.


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