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February 12, 2021 Updates

Legislative Update

Monday, February 8th, the House Higher Education Committee met at noon to hear House Bill 856, sponsored by Representative Doug Richey. HB 856 would remove the current cap on tuition and allow public universities to exceed the original limitation. This would ultimately allow UM System institutions to charge what is referred to as “differential tuition”, tuition based on the cost of the program. UM System testified in favor of HB 856.

The House Health and Mental Health Committee heard House Bill 681, sponsored by Representative Jason Chipman, which would allow students to opt out of student health fees. This legislation would have a negative impact on health measures provided to students at UM System institutions. The committee heard testimony from COPHE, but will hear testimony from UM System next Monday.

Next Wednesday the Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development will present before the House Budget Committee. Watch the live stream here.

Reviewed 2021-02-12