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House version of higher education budget approved

The Missouri House approved State Rep. Scott Fitzpatrick’s amendment to restore $68 million in funding to public higher education in exchange for an agreement from public universities not to raise tuition more than 1 percent (with the caveat that schools can raise tuition at CPI, or 2.1 percent, if the state withholds any funds).

Additionally, Chairman Fitzpatrick offered and passed an amendment in committee that would fund the UM System line item projects at 60 percent funding and rolled them into the UM System’s core budget. In exchange, the UM System has to keep the projects at the original intended level and cannot ask to fully fund these projects for the next two fiscal years. 

Below is what each program would receive:

$6 million for the MU Medical School Partnership (Springfield Clinical Campus); requested $10 million

$1.8 million for the UMKC School of Dentistry Satellite at MSSU; requested $3 million

$1.2 million for the Missouri S&T and MSU Engineering Expansion; requested $2 million

$1.2 million for UMKC/MSU Pharmacy Doctorate Program; requested $2 million.

Governor Greitens recommended withholding $68 million from the state’s public universities when he made his budget recommendations earlier this year.


Reviewed 2019-08-05