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January 28, 2021 Updates

Legislative Update
The General Assembly was busy this week with multiple hearings including Appropriations committees in both the House and Senate. The Governor’s State of the State Address took place on Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. in the Senate Chamber. The Governor released his recommendations for FY 2022 budget. Highlights from his address specific to the higher education budget can be found here. The Governor announced that he plans to fund our core appropriation of $416.5m, equal to the full amount budgeted for FY 21, and $3m for NextGen Precision Health ($7m less than FY 21).

Additionally, we’ve highlighted a few key funding lines below.

MOExcels Workforce Initiative would include $21.8m and provide funding for the projects listed below:

  • UMSL Nursing Program- $1.5M
  • MU Clinical Service Engineering- $2.5M
  • S&T Teacher Prep- $380K
  • UM System Faculty Development- $1.8M


  • $15M in GEER to higher ed from the second round of stimulus.  (Unsure of our exact share, but anticipate we will know more this spring.)


  • $3.9M  increase for Academic Scholarship Program (Bright Flight)
  • $6.5M  increase for Access Missouri
  • $13.2M  increase for A+
  • $2.7M increase for Fast-Track Workforce Incentive Grants

Capital Funding:

  • The state is putting an additional $100M in M&R reserve on top of the $94M mandated.  (see page 300 on pdf on 2022 Budget)
  • They are also putting $100M in the “cash operating expense fund” (see page 135 on 2022 Budget)

Click HERE for a link to the Governor’s Budget.


Dr. Choi testifies on behalf of UM System  
President Mun Choi joined University leaders in testifying on Tuesday at the House Subcommittee on Appropriations on Education. 

Dr. Choi emphasized the value the UM System brings to the state through its emphasis on research, extension, and professional programs, urging legislators to consider funding the system further in its upcoming budget. Dr. Choi shared that although the System's four universities receive more state support overall per student than any other university, when research, professional programs and extension are considered, the average funding per student is at $4,000 per student, the lowest in the state. 

The House Subcommittee on Appropriations plans to hear testimony from the Department of Higher Education on February 17th.


Senate Bill on Sports Wagering
The Senate Appropriations committee heard senate bill 98 on Tuesday, which modifies provisions on gambling. The UM System would like to see sports gambling bills include language that would  protect the integrity of both college athletes and the game, which has not been added into the bill at this time, but is being considered by the bill sponsor. Government Relations expects the bill to be voted out of committee next week. 

Additionally, Senator Caleb Rowden and Senator Tony Luetkemeyer also have sports wagering bills that have been referred to Senate Appropriations Committee.


Looking Ahead to Next Week 
House Higher Education Committee is scheduled to meet Monday and hear testimony on the Informed Student Document Act, sponsored by both Rep. Chuck Basye and Rep. Ben Baker, which would require the DHEWD to annually collect and compile specified information to help high school students make more informed decisions about their futures and ensure they are adequately aware of the costs of the four-year college and alternative career paths.

Next Thursday the UM System Government Relations team is hosting close to 20 state legislators for tours of the NextGen Precision Health Institute and the University of Missouri Research Reactor.

Reviewed 2021-01-29